We are pleased to offer some new electronic giving options for donating to Bethlehem Lutheran Church’s (BLC) Operating Budget and to Mortgage Reduction.   Currently you can give to BLC by cash, check, or through pre-arranged electronic deductions from your bank account.  Effective April 15 you will also be able to give online or through the Give Plus Church app.  Find both through our church website, blcdelmar.com/give ; you will be able to debit contributions automatically from your checking or savings account or by using a credit card.  


If you are currently giving on a regular basis by cash or check, you can now choose to set up electronic payment arrangements yourself online or through a mobile app.  And, when travel, illness or other circumstances prevent you from attending services, you will still be able to contribute.   These new giving options also allow you to make changes to your giving privately without having to involve the financial secretary.



Easy online giving for members or guests without leaving the church website. How it works: 

1.    Visit church website at www.blcdelmar.com/give

2.    Select which fund you want to give towards (General Operating or Mortgage Reduction), enter the amount and choose whether this will be a one-time gift or if you want to give regularly.  Select ADD DONATION.

3.    Review your selections, then select NEXT; choose either to pay as a deduction from your bank account OR from your credit card.

4.    Follow the on screen prompts to complete your donation request.

NOTE: If you choose to create an account you can later access payment history and eliminate the need to re-enter payment information when making new payments.  Select the Sign In/Sign Up link at the top of the giving screen if you are interested.



Additionally, we now offer a mobile version of our online giving by downloading the Give Plus Church app through the App Store or Google Play. You will see links for both on our website www.blcdelmar.com/give


Once the App is downloaded to your smartphone follow these steps:

1.    Enter Bethlehem Lutheran Church and click select.  BLC will now be displayed as your default church.  Tap Donate Now

2.    Choose a fund(s) and a preset amount or enter another amount.  Select Add to add another fund or move forward to the payment information.  Scan or enter your bank card or banking account information (which if you choose can be saved for future donations)

3.    Review your donation summary then select Complete Donation.


We are happy to allow you to give online to both our general operating budget and mortgage reduction.  As good stewards we want you to be aware that we do pay a percentage of your gift for the convenience, to our processing vendor.  When you log in and begin processing your payment you will be given the option to choose to increase your donation (by 3% when paying by your credit or debit card or .5% when paying from your checking or savings account) to help offset the Church processing costs.  You do not need to choose this option to process your payment.  Thank you for your faithful stewardship in support of Bethlehem Lutheran Church.