Sunday school with a twist

We want to offer an opportunity this summer for children to learn about how God has loved humans for generations using some of the classic bible stories.  Much like, well, Sunday school, but here is the twist.  Sunday school will not be between services (like during the school year) it will be during the Sermon in the 10:30 service.   This will allow the majority of worship to take place as a family, but then to have the kids and parents hear the Bible story in an age appropriate way.   Obviously, if parents would prefer their children to stay for the sermon that is the family‚Äôs choice. 

Ages: 3 year old to 3rd grade (entering into 3rd grade for 2018-2019 School year)

How does my child attend?  Simple, just show up to the 10:30 service and have your child join when prompted.  

Summer Sermon Series:   Sunday school stories revisited. 

We are going to look at classic Sunday school stories from an adult perspective and we will learn how there really is more to the story than what you learned in Sunday school.  The cool thing is that children will be learning about the same stories as the adults.   


Summer Worship Schedule:

Traditional: 8:30 A.M.

Contemporary 10:30 A.M.

Summer Breakfast:  

9:30-10:30 every week in the Fellowship hall. 

Dates for Above activities.  

Sunday June 24th through Sept 2nd.