Youth Group in Delmar, NY.

 We want the youth to grow in their relationship with Jesus and each other. That is what we are about.  We focus on two different age groups.  High school (grades 9-12) which generally meets twice a month and middle school (grades 6-8) which meets once a month.  We also have Sunday morning Bible class for both these age groups.  We balance our activities between retreats, service projects, fun events, and learning about Jesus.  We have gone places like New Orleans and Lake Placid. 


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Questions you might have about youth.

Do I have to be a member of the church for my children to be involved?   No, you do not.  Some of our youth have been around our church for years and some of them participate with our youth and are not active in our church.  If they are in that age range, we would love to have them participate.  

Is there a requirement for my child to be at a certain amount of events?    No we understand that the average teenager is very busy.   And while we hope that and think once they get to know us they will want to be involved, we understand completely if they cannot.  We are happy to have your son or daughter join us whenever they are able.  

Is there a cost involved?   For probably 90 percent of what we we do, there is no cost.   Usually our bigger off site trips we do charge a small registration fee.  If that is ever a problem, we always offer scholarships.  Any cost requirements are known prior to events so parents can plan ahead.

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